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To bolster food safety in facilities, one approach has been to validate the efficacy of food processing equipment from a food safety standpoint. Process validation involves demonstrating that a production process consistently yields microbiologically safe food.

While traditional validation methods rely on the evaluation of process capacity to reach target log reduction under a fixed “worst-case scenario” set of process parameters, leading companies are leveraging surrogates, real-time data and SMART product grouping to improve cost efficiency, traceability, audit readiness, and achieve peace of mind knowing continuous conformity of all batches.

This eBook introduces SMART Validation, a new, digitalized approach to process validation in real-time overcoming limitations inherent in traditional process.  Key takeaways include:

  • How to implement validation as a continuous process rather than an isolated event
  • How to overcome traditionally fixed process parameters to unlock material OEE improvements
  • Best-practices on how leading food and beverage companies are consistently getting better safety and cost efficiency in FSQ process validation 

Whether your goal is improved food safety, reducing the risk of contamination, compliance with regulations, or increasing yield from your food production processes, this eBook will provide actionable insights materially improving validation processes at your facility.

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